.300WM Long Action

.300WM Long Action
.300WM Long Action .300WM Long Action
Brand: Alpha Industries Manufacturing
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Please use PAYPAL when purchasing product, Credit Card Processing down currently due to moving of the business and change of financial institutions. You can also call (714) 381 - 2885 and I will process over the phone. Thank You, Chris.

The Alpha 300 Winchester Magnum Long Action is a brand new offering. This (5) five-shot single stack single feed magazine is constructed of high quality stainless steel. A proprietary Teflon coating is applied during the finishing process of the magazine body to provide a slick and durable finish.

The Alpha 300WM is set up to run in any chassis or drop bottom metal ( DBM ) that accepts the AICS non-cip length magazine.

Alpha engineered this magazine body to contour around the 300 WM cartridge / case. This design hugs the shoulder / neck of the cartridge thereby preventing the rounds from moving forward during recoil. By utilizing this design, the tips of the projectiles are held in place, preventing movement that can mushroom or deform projectile tips under recoil. This design also ensures projectiles will not get lodged under protruding feed ramps in various rifle platforms.

This magazine will accept (6) six 30.06 rounds. Please indicate when ordering so feedlip modifications can be made before product ships.

This magazine will also funtion with the .338 Lapua cartridge.

The maximum internal OAL for this magazine is 3.630.

100% American Made.


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