Alpha Type 2 Magazine / AICS Short Action 308

Alpha Type 2 Magazine / AICS Short Action 308
Alpha Type 2 Magazine / AICS Short Action 308 Alpha Type 2 Magazine / AICS Short Action 308 Alpha Type 2 Magazine / AICS Short Action 308
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The Alpha Type 2 magazine is constructed to accept (10) ten-rounds of 308/ 7.62x51 NATO ammunition. The Type 2 magazine is designed to be used as an alternative to the AICS/AE series magazine. If your rifle chassis or drop bottom metal ( DBM ) accepts the AI series magazine, the Alpha magazine will interface and funtion as designed for .308 ammo.

This magazine is popular with shooters who use Badger, McRee, XLR, Pacific Tool & Guage, Stealth, CDI metal and many others..

The main advantages of the Alpha Type 2 short action rifle magazine is its compact size and longer internal overall length.

The maximum overall length of the Alpha type 2 magazine is 2.965.

By utilizing a double column single feed design, the Alpha magazine comes in at just 3.5 inches in length. Shooting from a bi-pod or low shooting position ( prone ) is no longer an issue with regards to magazine changeouts. The shooter is able to stay engaged and on target without having to break position for a mag swap.

This magazine is constructed without a spacer plate inside the front shoulder of the mag body. This mag affords the shooter more options with regards to custom hand loads,longer seating lengths.

No more hacking, drilling and welding on AI style magazines to remove spacer plates. The Alpha Type 2 magazine gives the most internal OAL for the short action rifle platform.

This magazine is the go to style magazine for the Ruger GSR. If you want a shorter (10) ten shot stainless steel body mag, this is it.

Order this magazine for RUGER GSR rifle platform. Please see review here:



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